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31 January, 2007

Ancient Stonehenge Village Unearthed

Ancient Stonehenge VillageA village of small houses that may have sheltered the builders of the mysterious Stonehenge — or people attending festivals there — has been found by archaeologists studying the stone circle in England.

Eight of the houses, with central hearths, have been excavated, and there may be as many as 25 of them. The ancient houses are at a site known as Durrington Walls, about two miles from Stonehenge. It is also the location of a wooden version of the stone circle.

The village was carbon dated to about 2600 B.C., about the same time Stonehenge was built. The Great Pyramid in Egypt was built at about the same time, said Parker Pearson of Sheffield University.

Julian Thomas of Manchester University noted that both Stonehenge and Durrington Walls have avenues connecting them to the Avon River, indicating a pattern of movement between the sites.

Link & Image: Discovery News
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What hands can do

A truly creative commercial where shadow puppets move in and out of the scene in a smooth motion. Must have taken a long time to rehearse! Watch this excellent commercial after the jump.

Source: Autoblog
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Mysterious Ice Chunk Falls From Sky

Crushed Ford MustangA block of ice weighing at least 23 kg (50 lbs) have fallen from the sky, damaging a car in the process.

Raymond Rodriguez was changing a tire when an 18-inch chunk of ice plummeted from the sky with a piercing whistle, then a metallic crunch. The ice chunk crushed the roof of a nearby Ford Mustang on Sunday morning. No one was hurt.

"I was scared," Rodriguez said, who was only feet away. "It's crazy, man."

The National Weather Service said conditions in Tampa were not favorable for the formation of large balls of ice, known as megacryometeors.

Link & Image: First Coast News
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A thrifty World Bank President

Paul WolfowitzIn this combo picture, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz, with holes on his socks, is seen as he leaves from the Ottoman era Selimiye mosque in Edirne, western Turkey, Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007. Wolfowitz was in turkey for a-two-day official visit.

Link & Image: Yahoo News
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Why can't a person tickle himself?

TickleEver wonder why you are unable to tickle yourself no matter how hard you try?

The answer lies at the back of the brain in an area called the cerebellum, which is involved in monitoring movements. The cerebellum can predict sensations when your own movement causes them but not when someone else does. When you try to tickle yourself, the cerebellum predicts the sensation and this prediction is used to cancel the response of other brain areas to the tickle.

Source: Scientific American
Image: Spamily / Flickr
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Glasses that vibrate you into alertness

MyDo Bururu
MyDo Bururu is a pair of glasses outfitted with a sensor that wakes you up with a vibrating earpiece whenever your head droops to a certain level. There are four levels of head-droop which can be set before the vibration kicks off. These glasses developed by Vision Optic Co. are available for 45,000 yen (US $370).

Link & Image: PlasticBamboo via BoingBoing
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TV chef, 9, to write book

Shi YulanThis girl is a TV chef in China and she is only 9 years old.

Shi Yulan, from Shanghai, is now writing her own recipe book, reports Qianjiang Evening News.

Shi has been working in the kitchen at home for almost as long as she has been able to walk. She said: "At two-years-old, I already helped my mom by washing bowls in the kitchen and I started to cook for the family for fun from the age of six."

Shi hosts a cooking show for a local TV station and in her spare time she is writing a book recalling her cooking experiences and many of her cooking recipes.

"I am doing the actual cooking job and my mom is beside me shooting the whole process since we want readers to get a clear picture of how to make these dishes besides the text," she said.

Link & Image: Ananova
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Snake "Steals" Toad Toxins for Defense Against Predators

SnakeA new study shows that some snakes can store toxins from toads they eat and use the debilitating chemicals as a defense mechanism.

The toads make the toxins to protect themselves against predators, which learn not to eat the deadly amphibians.

But the Asian snake Rhabdophis tigrinus has evolved a way to consume the toxic meal safely. Instead, the snake stores the toad toxins in glands in its neck, making it too poisonous to eat.

These snakes even taunt enemies to attack, according to the new research. The snakes also pass the toxins on to their offspring to protect them while they are too young to eat toads themselves.

Link & Image: National Geographic
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Super duck does it again!

PerkyAfter enduring being shot, dragged by a dog and then having her presumed dead body thrown in a kitchen fridge, US wonder-fowl Perky the duck has again shown her lust for life during an operation to repair her injured wing.

The vet began to operate and had just finished pinning Perky's wing when she abruptly stopped breathing, Ms Beck said.

"He's giving her oxygen, he's kind of tapping on her chest - he actually took a needle and kind of stuck her, because a little pain response can make you gag - and then he turned to me and said, 'She's gone, I am so sorry.' ''

But suddenly the duck came back.

"We were sitting there looking at each other and then it's been 10 seconds and somebody said: 'She just took a breath.' "

Link & Image: SMH
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Light-up bras

Light-up Bra2Add a spark to your day -- and nights -- with lingerie that lights up. A U.S. firm is selling bras and camisoles trimmed with colourful light-emitting diodes (LEDs), as well as sequins and feathers, that literally put your cleavage in the spotlight. Enlighted says the clothing is safe and comfortable, despite all the wiring and the battery needed to power the lights. I wonder if it would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift?

More images after the jump.

Link & Image: Enlighted

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30 January, 2007

I won't be happy until I lose my legs

LegsEver since she was little, Susan Smith has felt there is something wrong with her body. Her determination to 'fix' things has twice landed her in hospital.

While most people want to change something about themselves, the image Susan has of herself has always been one without legs. She suffers from body identity integrity disorder (BIID), where sufferers want to remove one or more healthy limbs. To fulfill her dream, she tried to freeze and kill her leg with dry ice pellets so that the surgeons would amputate it afterwards.

In her first attempt, she immersed her leg in dry ice for an hour.After she discovered that she only suffered superficial wounds and no amputation was necessary, she made a second attempt, and this time she stayed in the dry ice for four hours.

The leg was hard as stone and she had third-degree burns. The pain was horrible, but still it wasn't bad enough for her leg to be amputated. Susan was so desperate that she starting thinking of a third attempt. But this time she thought that she would have to do it differently, such as perhaps putting her leg under a train so that surgeons would have nothing more than a stump to stitch up.

Her wish was finally fulfilled when the leg became so infected that there was a danger of the bacteria getting into the bloodstream and killing her. She was having so much fever that she was sleeping 24 hours a day. After nine months of agony, Susan told her GP that if she didn't see someone fast, she would take off the leg herself. Within two days she had an appointment with a different surgeon, and the amputation went without a problem, and her left leg was removed from just above the knee.

She now feels more complete after that one leg is off. Susan has always been an outgoing kind of person, but her confidence is much higher now as her body is becoming what she wants. It might sound strange, but for the first time she feels that she is able to move on and lead the life she has always wanted. In many ways she is starting again but her new life seems incredibly exciting for her.

Link : Guardian
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90 Degree Push-Ups

90 degree push-ups'Tika' Brumant is incredibly strong. A new Guinness World Record was set by him when 11 consecutive 90 degree push-ups were performed. Never heard of 90 degree push-ups! Watch the video after the jump to find out.

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Homemade Spy Sub

Homemade Spy SubJason Rollette, an electrical engineer and his 12-year-old son Trevor built their very own underwater remote-operated vehicle (ROV) so that they could explore the lakes and rivers of their Milwaukee home. Their ROV made out of PVC pipes is capable of traveling up to 0.25 mile (400 meter) up to a depth of 250 feet (76.2 meter). The craft is steered with a gaming joystick while the various stats such as depth, compass heading, etc are monitored on their laptop. A home-surveillance camera sealed inside sends a live feed to the pilots.

More pictures and info after the jump.

Link & Image: Rollette via The Wtf Blog
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Planes in your garage

John Travolta's HomeThis picture shows the home of John Travolta with access to a nearby airstrip and parking lots for 2 planes which includes a Boeing 707.

Located in Ocala, Florida, Jumbolair is probably the best known fly-in community in the world. One of the first purchasers in the development was actor John Travolta who keeps his own Boeing 707 in his garage. Jumbolair contains America's largest private airstrip, but it’s not the only airpark in the country.

John’s Travolta house is located immediately off the main airstrip, and is designed so his jets can taxi right up to two outbuildings connected to the main structure, which is shaped like a squat air-control tower. "He uses the 707 as the family van," says Jumbolair developer Terri Jones. "The Gulfstream is his sports car."

Link & Image: Fogonazos
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Invisible Bookshelf

Invisible BookshelfThis bookshelf gives the illusion that the books are floating in mid air. Instructables has a step-by-step instruction for making your own. You will need a real book which you will hardly ever read in future. However, this modification won’t damage it. Instructions can be found after the jump.

Link & Image: Instructables via Lifehacker
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Awesome shot of Comet McNaught

Comet McNaughtThis is an awesome shot of Comet McNaught taken by a photographer in South Australia. Click on image for a larger view.

Image: Flickr
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Scanner hidden in a book

Scanner ModScanner ModFrom the outside, this looks just like an ordinary book. A scanner encased in a sheet metal framework actually sits on the inside. The covers and spine were made from pieces of clipboard, the decorative cardboard shell were made from the reverse side of an old art pad cover while the gold page gilding were made of gold bridal ribbon. A pretty cool mod!

Link & Image: Datamancer via Make
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Electrolumiscent Sofa

Electrolumiscent SofaThis is no ordinary sleek modern sofa allied with a grey covering. The sofa is an intuitive use of emerging technologies exploring the patterns of those who live and share with others.

With the pattern changing in relation to proximity, as a couple moves towards each other, warm pink petals begin to form signifying their closeness. Using light emitting (Electrolumiscent) technology in conjuction with trigger sensitive materials the visual pattern displays a randomised pattern which forms depending on where a person is located on the sofa.

Link & Image: Daniellesobik
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Fashion Images Retouched

Photo RetouchSee for yourself the magical powers of photo retouching! Now, can you still trust what you see? Click on image for a larger view.

More images after the jump.

Link & Image: Cbeau
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Wall Jumper

Man climbs wallsWatch this amazing video of an man climbing over walls and buildings effortlessly. Simply skillful and amazing! Video after the jump.

Source: Neatorama
Previously: Jaw dropping performance
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Youngest sex-change patient in the world

Tim or KimEven at the age of two, Tim insisted he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

As a child, Tim liked to play with Barbie dolls, enjoyed wearing dresses and, from the age of two, insisted that he was a girl. And when puberty began to approach at the age of 12, he convinced his parents that something had to be done.

With the agreement from his parents, he became the youngest sex-change patient in the world, receiving hormone injections which arrested his male development. Now, at 14, Tim has become Kim – a blue-eyed blonde with a growing bust line who is allowed to wear make-up at weekends.

Psychiatrists treating her say she was an ‘exceptional case – a person clearly in the wrong body’, even though the decision to grant her wishes when she was so young is still the subject of intense debate.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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29 January, 2007

Antique washing machines

100-year-old Washing MachinesLocated at a shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea, these 100 year old washing machines were used by people living in Germany during the olden days. Their intricate designs attracted the attention of quite a large number of visitors.

Link & Image: XinHua
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Miniature model of a classic car made of gold and diamonds

Miniature ModelThis miniature model of a classic car made of gold and encrusted with 695 diamonds is worth 1.2 million yuan ($154,309). It is currently on display at an exhibition in Hangzhou, China. More than 200 luxurious artworks by 11 well known Chinese craftsmen are showcased in this exhibition.

Link & Image: Photobase
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Private Island with beautiful surroundings

IslandThe Middle Sedge Island is located in Lavallette, New Jersey, United States. The five bedrooms home is built to give one the feel of living on a ship. The property comes with a helipad on the premises as well as two boats (19’ & 25’). Other facilities include an in ground pool, bocce court, jogging path and a beach. It costs a staggering $8.5 million. More pictures of its interior after the jump.

Link & Image: Childers via Luxist
Previously: Most expensive private island in the world
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A polar bear named Knut

KnutThis polar bear looks very much like a plush toy. Cute!

Berlin zoo employee Thomas Doerflein playing with polar bear cub Knut. Knut, born on December 5, 2006, has had to be hand fed by Doerflein after its mother Tosca refused the baby.

Two more images after the jump.

Link & Image: Yahoo News
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Laboring Man CD Holder Series

CD CaseIncredibly creative CD storage shelves which doubles as sculptures too. Love it! Two more images after the jump.

CD Case
CD Case
Link & Image: TokyoMango via UniqueDaily
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Why can't you buy cashews in their shells?

Cashew FruitYou can get almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, peanuts, chestnuts, pine nuts, pecans, and even macadamia nuts in a shell, but not cashews. Have you ever wondered why? The reason is simple; the cashew is surrounded by a toxic shell.

The above picture shows what the fruit of a cashew tree looks like. The cashew itself is located in the kidney shaped greenish-white shell which protrudes from the main body of the fruit.

Source: Bits & Pieces & Wikipedia
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On Sale: The Original Ghostbusters Car

Ecto 1Do you remember this car from the movie Ghostbusters which became an icon during the 1980s? The Ecto 1 as it is called is now on sale for $149,000. More pictures of this 1959 Cadillac after the jump.

Link & Image: Hemmings via A Welsh View
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Earth eating record to be set by a lady

WuqibalaqiqigeThis is unbelievable. A girl from north China by the name of Wuqibalaqiqige, intends to set a new Guinness World Record by feeding on soil and nothing else for two months.

The girl said she feels no need to eat normal food now that she has discovered how much she likes to eat soil. Her agent has contacted the Guinness Office in Shenyang and the challenge will kick off in April.


Link & Image: ChinaDaily
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Doggy Treadmill

This automated Dog Walker is designed for dogs. A remote control which comes with this device allows you to control the speed which ranges between 0 to 5 km/h (3.1 mph). A safety leash along with two side shields reduces the chances of a mishap. This is especially useful for those whose dogs are gaining excess weight. Don’t be evil when it comes to controlling the speed dial. A price tag of $131 is attached to this machine.

Link & Image: Belluna via Engadget
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Stretchable and paper thin skin!

Stretchable and paper thin skin
Stretchable and paper thin skinIs your skin paper thin and highly stretchable? If the answer is "Yes", you may be having the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can severely weaken a person's joints, blood vessels and skin.

The Circus of Horrors is a touring extravaganza, packing the house wherever it goes. It features everything people don't want to see but can't stop looking at. The show includes all sorts of characters with all sorts of body piercings and tattoos. But the star of this show is 37-year-old Garry "Stretch" Turner, and his wild skin-stretching act.

Turner suffers from an extreme case of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can severely weaken a person's joints, blood vessels and in Turner's case, skin. The disorder, which most commonly attacks a person's joints, affects about one in 10,000 people. However, the odds of Turner's special variety of the disease are astronomical.

Normal human body cells are held together by a kind of chemical glue called collagen, which keeps them tightly bound. But the collagen of someone with EDS is misshapen and loose, which, in the most extreme and rare circumstances, produces skin like Turner's.

Backstage at the Circus of Horrors, Turner demonstrates how the skin on parts of his body can be pulled away. "There's areas of skin, like on the belly, for instance, that will stretch a lot further," he said. "It's actually twice as thin as regular skin," he continued. "Although you wouldn't believe it to look at it … it is actually quite paper thin."

Click on link for video and full article.

Link & Video: ABCNews
Image: XinHua
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28 January, 2007

Downed high-voltage tower in Germany transformed usn!

See how an overturned power line image transforms into funny and hilarious images!

More images after the jump.

Voltage Tower1

Link & Image: Fark
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