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30 September, 2007

More links for 30 Sep 2007

A wolf fishing in Alaska. [Oomsa]
8 escalator ads that grab your attention. [Inventor Spot]
A gallery of huge crab images. [Hugecrab]
The sixth private citizen to travel to space. [Richardinspace]
Jail ship to ease overcrowding of prison in Britain. [The Sun]
Traffic signs offer humor with a message. [Sun Times]


World's Largest Tidal Bore

In China, Qiantang tide is a remarkable natural phenomenon and is one of the world's wonders. Watching the tidal waves of the Qiantang River has been a significant event for over 2000 years. The tidal waves go up to as high as 9 meters, traveling at up to 40 km/h (25 mph) making an earthshaking sound and seeming to stem from the momentum of an avalanche.

Video: YouKu
Source: ChineseTown & Wikipedia
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Magic Hand Through Aquarium Trick Revealed

This video explains the full concept behind the great illusion by Cyril Takayama.

Video: Break
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Two Men Say They May Have Landed "Bigfoot"

Big FootTwo Chattanoogans say they may have bagged the mythical "Bigfoot".

Lindsay Lemmon and Austin McGee said after returning from a trip out west, they found that video shot out the window along I-40 in New Mexico has a glimpse of what appears to be a hulking furry figure walking.

Mr. Lemmon, a local contractor who specializes in historic homes, said, "I'm still skeptical, but it does look like a figure to me. If it was a prank, then it was awfully hot and it was out in the middle of nowhere."

Mr. McGee, who shot the footage, is much more positive. He said, "I believe it whole-heartedly. Every time I look at it on the VCR I see a figure with real long arms hanging below the knees. He is walking and swinging those arms."

He said a close examination of the figure reveals "a tan round face."
Mr. Lemmon said they plan to release the video after the copyright is in place.

Source: Chattanoogan
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The Frontline Soldiers Who Will Run on Solar Power

Solar Panels mounted on backpacksFront-line troops could soon be carrying a new piece of hi-tech gear into battle - solar panels.

Soldiers will have them moulded on to their backpacks to help power the array of electronic equipment now used in combat.

It could also help save troops' lives by eliminating the danger of equipment failing because of lack of power. And it could save them from the risk of injury posed by traditional batteries, which can explode if exposed to fire or extreme desert temperatures.

Weighing just 14oz, the panels have been developed for the Australian army.

The panels are made from a secret compound and can produce hours of low-level energy to power radios, night-vision goggles, communications equipment and sensors to detect enemy positions. They even work in cloudy conditions because they harness solar radiation rather than direct sunlight.

Source: DailyMail
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Bras and Knickers Appear Like Magic

UnderwearsDodgy tales of underwear going missing off lines in the dead of night are old-hat.

Far more curious is the suburban phenomenon of random knickers and bras suddenly appearing on a line overnight - which has perplexed the residents of Ronald Ct, Pukete.

- Weird things started happening in the cul-de-sac about three weeks ago when Dave Lattimore planted a new front lawn and erected lines with plastic bags across it to keep the birds off. A few nights later a pair of black female knickers appeared, pegged to the line.

Gradually, all sorts of unmentionables were added in the dead of night, until the street front at No 26 now looks like an ad from an Elle Macpherson catalogue. The range includes a black suspender belt, pink g-string, corset and 40C white bra.

"Every second day some more appear," Mr Lattimore said. "I figure if I leave it long enough I'll have some matching sets. Either that or do the Cinderella thing and go knocking on doors to ask if we can see what fits."

Source: Stuff via Arbroath
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'Look At the Size of My Onion'

Huge OnionPrize-winning gardener Paul Rochester has revealed that the secret of his success is playing hit swing tunes to his crop of onions. And it seems that the music of 1940s big band legend Glenn Miller is ideal for putting his produce In The Mood to win.

Machine operator Paul, from Seaham, Co Durham, admitted his surprise gardening secret after lifting the top title at the World Leek and Onion Championships. The judges could not fail to be impressed by the pick of his crop, a 15lb 6boz monster. It was chosen as the best onion in the show at the Northern Club in Ashington, Northumberland.

Paul uses all the green-finger advice he learned from his late father Wilfrid in the propagation of his championship class vegetables. But he insisted it was the extra boost provided by his Glenn Miller tapes that tipped the scales in his favour. Good nutrients, soil conditions and watering are all required – yet renditions of tunes like Pennsylvania 6500 and Tuxedo Junction may have had the onions jumping out of their skins.

Huge Onion
Source: Sunday Express
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Proof That Love Is Blind

Reinaldo Waveqche and Ms VolpesA 24-year-old man married an 82-year-old woman in Argentina yesterday, insisting it was a union based on "great love" rather than money.

Reinaldo Waveqche, who has lived with his elderly lover Oleander Volpes since the age of 15, said he preferred "mature women".

Ms Volpes, a retiree who is single and does not have any children, said the age difference had never mattered to either of them.

"I am very pleased," she said. "Reinaldo is marvellous, very good, kind and educated. The age difference has never been important for us."

Video: Liveleak
Source: Daily Telegraph
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Using a Machine Gun as a Cigarette Lighter

Man lights his cigarette with his AK-47. Cool!

Video: LiveLeak
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Firemen Rescue Man Stuck In A Bin

Firefighters in Melbourne, Australia, got an unusual call-out on Saturday, to rescue a teenager stuck in a bin. The 18-year-old, who had been out drinking with friends, had been trying to retrieve his mobile phone.

Video: LiveLeak

Update: Arbroath says that this is actually quite an old news story. Didn't realize this previously! Still, you can find the full story here if you are interested.

Thanks, Arbroath!

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World’s First Bamboo Book

Bamboo BookThe world's first bamboo book is on display at Bao Ding Shan Bamboo Exhibition Hall in Zhaoqing's Guangning County, China, on Sunday. The delicate book is made from the famous Nanzhu bamboo and carved by sculptor master Tang Hongchou.

Source: Life of Guangzhou
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Two Year Old Pool Player

This pair of brothers, aged 3 years and 1 year 10 months, are barely 1 meter tall, or half the height of their billiard cues. The younger boy even has to tiptoe while playing the game. Apparently, after learning how to stand and walk, the third thing they learnt was how to play pool since their father was a professional billiards player!

Video: Youku
Source: Shanghaiist
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Spanish Town Tosses World's Biggest Salad

World's biggest saladA town in southern Spain on Saturday tossed what local officials said was the world's largest salad, involving 6,700 kilograms of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers and olives.

It took 20 cooks over three hours to mix all the ingredients needed to make the salad in the town of Pulpi in the province of Almeria, one of Spain's main fruit and vegetable growing areas.

The salad will be distributed to restaurants in Pulpi who will provide it for free to their clients.

A Guinness World Records judge was on hand to confirm that the salad had set a new record, Spanish media reported.

3 more pictures after the jump.

World's biggest salad
World's biggest salad
World's biggest salad
Source: Japan Today
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Orange Teeth

A stupid dinner trick that always works.

Video: 5min
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Getting a Tattoo by Tanning

Sun TattooThe next time you would like a tattoo which is not permanent, why not give this a try.

The soft stenciled patterns allow sun to hit only certain areas on your body. Bake long enough and you’ve got yourself a very unique tan. Of course I can’t endorse tanning since for the most part is dangerous but if you’re one whom can’t stay away from the sun and have a wild flair for the unusual, you might like this.

Source: Yanko Design
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The Greatest Prank Call Ever

Just when you thought it was safe to get a job at a call center, this prank phone call proves that it’s not! I bet you won’t be able to stop laughing at this conversation. It’s hilarious!

Video: YouTube
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29 September, 2007

More links for 29 Sep 2007

Incredible dice stacking trick.
[Gizmodo & Gizmodo]
A woman was locked up and “lost” for 70 years after being wrongly accused of stealing 13p (26 cents). [The Sun]

Massive underwater forests found in Pacific Ocean. [NPR]


Scientists Cull DNA From Extinct Mammoth

Mammoth HairA rapid technique for isolating DNA in hair has yielded a mass of new information about woolly mammoths.

An international research team says the process should work on other extinct animals, allowing their genetics to be studied in detail for the first time.

The mammoth DNA was taken from the hair shaft which was long thought to be a poor source for the "life molecule".

But the group tells Science magazine that the shaft's keratin material slows degradation and limits contamination.

"The idea has been that all the DNA is in the root and that the shaft is DNA-void, or of much lower quality," explained co-worker Dr Tom Gilbert from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

"This is why when we screened a whole load of mammoths, we thought we might be lucky if we took enough hair from one of them. Basically, for every mammoth we tried, it worked. That blew us away," he told the BBC.

Source: BBC
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Penis Painter

Tim PatchVisitors to the opening day of Sexpo in South Africa today were treated to live demonstrations by Australian artist Tim Patch, alias "Pricasso," of his penis paintings of famous global figures.

Neither US President George W Bush, former British prime minister Tony Blair nor former Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi were spared the rod as a naked but for a top hat Patch hammered out a series of surprisingly realistic depictions.

Former Brisbane builder Tim Patch was finding it difficult to crack the art market until he dipped his quill in the ink, so to speak.

Under the artistic pseudonym "Pricasso", Patch uses his penis to paint portraits, landscapes and female nudes.

"I dip it in the paint and then apply it to the canvas," says the 56-year-old who grew up in England. "I began doing it at a party around Christmas time.

When the canvas became too rough on his "brush", he switched to paper, but has switched to a "smoothed-back canvas ... for a better effect".

Images and a demonstration video (NSFW) after the jump.

Image Gallery: Tim Patch
Video: Tim Patch (NSFW)
Source: Daily Telegraph
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Bear Dangles Under High Bridge

BearAbout a dozen volunteers safely lowered a tranquilized black bear Sunday morning from picturesque Rainbow Bridge near Donner Summit to the floor of a granite-strewn ravine.

"The bear was crossing the bridge as cars were coming from the east and west," said Baker. "(The cars) pinched the bear up and over the guard rail."

The bear apparently jumped to avoid the cars, then found itself trapped in the concrete girders beneath the highest point of the bridge from 3 p.m. Saturday until its eventual rescue at noon Sunday.

Baker and a man from Las Vegas tracked down a 20-by-40-foot nylon net from an Army surplus store in Reno. Assisted by rock and tree climbers, Baker strung the orange cargo mesh beneath the span of the 80-year-old bridge.

A Nevada County Animal Control official then shot the animal with a tranquilizer dart.

"We thought it would take 15 minutes -- no, it took forever," said Executive Director Ann Bryant, of the BEAR League, of the wait for the sedative to take effect. "He kept lifting his head up -- he was really fighting it."

According to Baker, Mike Turner, of Turner's Tree Service, donned a safety harness and lowered himself over the bridge in an effort to push the bear off the girder and into the net.

Bryant said the bear was in danger of falling toward the net's outside edge, which could have ended with the bear landing on the granite crags below.

"Then I yelled, 'It's a good time to give her a nudge - she'll just fall in there,'" Bryant said of the tense moment. "(Turner) just pushed her with a pole and a boot and the bear tumbled into the net. As soon as she fell, the net became a bag."

Video after the jump.

Video: CNN
Source: Tahoe Daily Tribune
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Matt's Awesome Chip Desk

Geeky computer deskMatt Tovey created a geeky computer desk with 434 discarded Itanium CPUs.

The CPU modules were scrapped as the result of a supercomputer upgrade, and were presumably functional before having their heat sinks taken off-- a herculean effort for that many CPUs! Matt says that the list price for the lot of chips was over US$800,000 in 2006 and that the desk contains about 2.8 TFLOPs of computing power, about the same as 900 3.2GHz P4s. Matt started with a plain desk, tiled in the CPUs, and added wooden edging and a beveled glass top. Nice work!

Source: Evil Mad Scientist
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Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Arizona Boy

Naegleria fowleriA 14-year-old Lake Havasu boy has become the sixth victim to die nationwide this year of a microscopic organism that attacks the body through the nasal cavity, quickly eating its way to the brain.

Aaron Evans died Sept. 17 of Naegleria fowleri, an organism doctors said he probably picked up a week before while swimming in the balmy shallows of Lake Havasu.

The amoeba typically live in lake bottoms, grazing off algae and bacteria in the sediment. People become infected when they wade through shallow water and stir up the bottom. If someone allows water to shoot up the nose -- say, by doing a cannonball off a cliff -- the amoeba can latch onto the person's olfactory nerve.

Once infected, most people have little chance of survival.

Source: Kpho
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Water Forms Floating 'Bridge' When Exposed To High Voltage

WaterWhile it's one of the most important and abundant chemical compounds on Earth, water is still a puzzle to scientists.

When exposed to a high-voltage electric field, water in two beakers climbs out of the beakers and crosses empty space to meet, forming the water bridge. The liquid bridge, hovering in space, appears to the human eye to defy gravity.

Upon investigating the phenomenon, the scientists found that water was being transported from one beaker to another, usually from the anode beaker to the cathode beaker. The cylindrical water bridge, with a diameter of 1-3 mm, could remain intact when the beakers were pulled apart at a distance of up to 25 mm.

Why water would act this way was a surprise, Fuchs told PhysOrg.com. But the group’s analyses have shown that the explanation may lie within the nature of the water’s structure. Initially, the bridge forms due to electrostatic charges on the surface of the water. The electric field then concentrates inside the water, arranging the water molecules to form a highly ordered microstructure. This microstructure remains stable, keeping the bridge intact.

Source: Physorg
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Video Shows Hacker Attack on Power Plant

Researchers who launched an experimental cyber attack caused a generator to self-destruct, alarming the federal government and electrical industry about what might happen if such an attack were carried out on a larger scale, CNN has learned.

Sources familiar with the experiment said the same attack scenario could be used against huge generators that produce the country's electric power. Some experts fear bigger, coordinated attacks could cause widespread damage to electric infrastructure that could take months to fix.

In a previously classified video of the test CNN obtained, the generator shakes and smokes, and then stops.

DHS acknowledged the experiment involved controlled hacking into a replica of a power plant's control system. Sources familiar with the test said researchers changed the operating cycle of the generator, sending it out of control.

The White House was briefed on the experiment, and DHS officials said they have since been working with the electric industry to devise a way to thwart such an attack.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: CNN
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Street Surfer Bike

Street Surfer bikeA unique Australian-designed bicycle which uses skateboard-style wheels is tipped to become a huge hit on the streets of Britain.

The Street Surfer bike, which has a regular bike wheel at the back and four smaller wheels at the front, and is steered by the rider leaning instead of turning handlebars.

But the bike won't be cheap, with a £400 ($1,000) price tag when it goes on sale in the UK.

The bike's Australian creator Tony Varrone, who is based in Perth, said his Street Surfer was safer to ride than a traditional bike.

"It takes a few minutes to get used to the Street Surfer because it feels completely different to a standard bike - more like surfing,'' he told the Daily Mirror newspaper.

"But once you begin to trust yourself leaning instead of steering it's easy.
"The braking system is very efficient and is similar to car anti-lock systems, so it slows down without skidding."

Video: Metacafe
Source: Mercury
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Born On The Same Day to the Same Mother - But They're NOT Twins

Ame, Lia and their motherTo everyone who sees them, five-month-old Ame and Lia look like twins. And they were indeed born to the same mother just minutes apart. Amazingly, however, the sisters are not twins. They were conceived three weeks apart thanks to a million-to-one medical rarity.

Doctors had to carry out an emergency caesarean to deliver the babies because they were both lying awkwardly in the womb. Ame was born at 29 weeks and Lia at 32.

Miss Spence, 29, said: "It is hard to get our heads around the fact that I was pregnant with two babies at the same time and they aren't twins. “When I explain it to people they get very confused."

Even more amazingly, Miss Spence became pregnant twice in three weeks while she was taking the contraceptive pill. She said: "For that to happen twice in three weeks is just unbelievable."

An explanation for this unusual case:

The girls were conceived through a process known as superfetation, the term used to describe the formation of a foetus whilst another foetus is already present in the uterus.

This occurs when eggs from two separate menstrual cycles are released, as opposed to normal non-identical twins where more than one egg is released in a single cycle.

Although common in animals it is rare in humans, but it can result in a twin or multiple pregnancy. It is diagnosed when the foetuses show a marked different in development.

The girls are technically not twins. Identical twins occur when one egg splits into two and non-identical, or fraternal, twins occur when two eggs are released and fertilised at the same time.

So even though Miss Spence's babies were born on the same day, they are not twins as they were conceived three weeks apart.

Source: DailyMail
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28 September, 2007

More links for 28 Sep 2007

A series of funny pictures that clearly depicts those involved in the field of IT.
Mystery of the meteorite crash in Peru solved. [Howstuffworks]
Birdcage inside a fish tank. [Picsdown]
Measure your hunger with these plates. [Flickr]
If women ruled the world ... they'd be mothers of these inventions (apparently). [DailyMail]


Tongue Lift

Tom breaking his own Guinness World Record in Germany 2006. He lifted eleven and a half kilos hanging on a butcher's hook pushed through his tongue. Not for the faint-hearted.

Video: YouTube
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Tornado Potato

Tornado PotatoThe tornado potato is a snack found in the streets of Seoul, South Korea. Each serving is carved into a long spiral from a single potato. Looks delicious!

Source: Poketo via Neatorama
Image: Superlocal / Flickr
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Crew Paints Over Roadkill Raccoon

A photograph sent to CBS stattion WBBM-TV in Chicago shows a raccoon dead in the middle of a Lemont street, and yellow stripes painted right over its body by road crews.

As WBBM-TV West Suburban Bureau Chief Mike Puccinelli reports, the outraged viewer who sent in the photograph was not the only one upset by the incident.

"There was a dead raccoon here kind of where you see this black mark and it was dead and when they were striping the road they just striped right over it," said Sylvia Wilk of unincorporated Lemont.

The raccoon was gone Wednesday but photographs clearly show the dead animal with the telltale yellow paint right across its body.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: CBS11 via Arbroath
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Solar Tree

Solar TreeSolar Tree is a solar-powered street lighting system designed by Ross Lovegrove for the Museum for Angewandte Kunst (MAK) in Vienna, Austria. Solar Tree will be unveiled on 8 October at 8.30pm, on the Ringstraße in front of MAK during Vienna Design Week. More pictures of this cool lighting system after the jump.

Solar Tree
Solar Tree
Source: Dezeen via Gizmodo
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Butt Art

An interesting and creative way of creating the faces in potraits -- with people’s butts. More pictures after the jump.

Source: Peety-Passion via UniqueDaily


Child's Hole-In-One 'Beats Tiger'

David HugginsA youngster claims he has beaten Tiger Woods in the record books - by scoring a hole-in-one at just four years old.

David Huggins, who took up the sport when he was two, holed a tee shot on a 105-yard hole at a course in Bramford, Suffolk.

His father banker Jonathan, 33, of Ipswich, said he believed his son was one of the youngest players to achieve the feat.

He beats Woods, who scored his first hole-in-one when he was six, by two years.

The youngster's sporting prowess is not limited to the golf course - he is also a very promising gymnast.

Source: BBC
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Muscular Parrot

ParrotA parrot lifts weights at a zoo in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu province, September 27, 2007.

Source: ChinaDaily
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US Navy to Remodel 'Swastika-Shaped' Barracks

The US Navy is to spend $US600,000 ($680,000) to remodel a set of barracks in Southern California that resemble a swastika when viewed from above, officials said.

From ground level the layout of the four L-shaped buildings at the US Navy base outside San Diego is unremarkable.

But with the increasing popularity of satellite imagery websites such as Google Earth, the barracks' swastika formation have attracted wide attention, with Anti-Defamation League campaigners requesting alterations be made.

Now the Navy has agreed to remodelling that will "camouflage" the aerial appearance of the barracks, officials said.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: ABC
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Missing Boy Found Under Bed

Alex OlverPolice with dogs, dozens of neighbors and a helicopter spent two hours searching for a missing five-year-old boy who eventually turned up — asleep under his bed.

A search was launched for Alex Olver — during which 11 people rummaged through his bedroom — after his parents reported him missing on Tuesday evening in Saltash, Cornwall, Britain.

The town mayor, a local football team, troupes of teenagers and elderly residents all turned out to help search.

But Alex was eventually discovered by a sniffer dog safe and well covered by a blanket under his bed.

Alex's mother, Clare Olver, 35, yesterday described him as "a cheeky little monkey — who sleeps like a log".

Source: Telegraph
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Pasta Dress

Pasta dressA model presents a pasta dress creation by Hungarian designer Virag Toth during a fashion show at an Italian restaurant in Budapest September 27, 2007. 2 more pictures after the jump.

Pasta dress
Pasta dress
Source: Yahoo News
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