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31 January, 2008

More links for 31 Jan 2008

Oregon boy parks bike in wrong place, Goodwill store sells it. [SeattleTimes]
Mickey Mouse busted for drunk driving. With video! [Cbs13]
Coke bottle coffins. [Yahoo News]

Council opens new playground for grandma. [DailyMail]
The earthworm that gives off a scent similar to that of the lily flower. [Wikipedia]
To do tattoo. [Fred via OhGizmo!]
This creature is immune to pain. [Yahoo News]
Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis. [Yahoo News]
Poor Haitians resort to eating dirt. [Ap]
Vaccine for drug addiction could offer hope to users. [The Age]
Swimmers' sunscreen killing off coral. [National Geographic]
An all-chocolate room was unveiled in Manhattan - a pre-Valentine's Day creation complete with furniture and artworks made of the sweet stuff. [Smh]
A collection of mini guns. [LiveLeak]
Ships on legs. [BBC]


Death of the Father: British Scientists Discover How to Turn Women's Bone Marrow into Sperm

Scientists in England say they may have found a way to produce sperm from a woman's bone marrow, effectively cutting men out of the reproductive cycle.

In April last year, Prof Karim Nayernia, Professor of Stem Cell Biology at Newcastle University, made headlines by taking stem cells from adult men and making them develop into primitive sperm.

He has now managed to repeat the feat of creating the primitive sperm cells with female embryonic stem cells in unpublished work.

He has applied for permission to start experiments and could be doing so within months.

New Scientist magazine said the process could transform a woman's bone marrow to sperm through the addition of certain chemicals and vitamins.

Theoretically, a lesbian couple could both be biological parents to a new child after using their own bone marrow to create sperm.

If the treatmant was ever used there would be even less men contributing to the reproduction pool, as the absence of a Y-chromosome in the female sperm would make it impossible to create male children.

Source: This Is London & News.com.au & Telegraph
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Spiral Jetty

Spiral JettyThe Spiral Jetty, considered to be the central work of American sculptor Robert Smithson, is an earthwork sculpture constructed in 1970.

Built of mud, salt crystals, basalt rocks, earth, and water on the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake near Rozel Point in Utah, it forms a 1500-foot long and 15-foot wide counterclockwise coil jutting from the shore of the lake.

It is currently threatened by oil drilling.

Source: Wikipedia via Boing Boing


Trying Out the Cheeseburger in a Can

Cheeseburger in a canAbout the cheeseburger in a can which I posted earlier, someone actually bought one and tried it out. Here's what he has to say as quoted from Something Awful:

It tastes... not so good. Very bland, kind of like pre-made tomato sauce and a bitter aftertaste. The lower bun got kinda soggy, which really lowered the overall experience. I'm not sick and I say I would eat this thing again if it weren't so expensive. And I really must say that this probably is faaaar better when you're many kilometers away from civilization on top of some mountain and you can whip out a cheeseburger with nearly the same quality as a McDonald's cheeseburger while your friend eats dry bread or power bars.

More pictures after the jump.

Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can
Source: Something Awful

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Primary's Class of 2008 Is an All-Boy Affair

The boys pictured with teacher Liz JohnsonThis year's foundation class at a primary school in Exmouth, Devon, is made up entirely of boys.

For the first time since Bassett's Farm opened in 1978 there is not a single girl among the class of 20 four-year-olds who began school this month. Christine Jones, the head teacher at the school, which draws pupils from across Exmouth, said: "I have never known anything like this. There are sometimes more boys than girls in a class - and vice versa - but never all the same sex. It just seems to be one of those freakish things.

"It is pretty incredible and quite sweet really." Mrs Jones declined to be drawn on the behaviour of the boys in the absence of girls, saying only: "They are not a bad little group of boys but they are boys."

Source: Telegraph
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Australia's Monster Motorbike

Monster MotorbikeThe Australian monster is a 13 ton (28,660 pound) two-wheeler devised by Ray Baumann, a stunt driver. It is 9 meters (29.5ft) long, more than 3 meters (9.8ft) high and is powered by a Detroit Diesel truck engine. This monster will be on show at the Melbourne Motor Show which runs from 29 February. More pictures after the jump.

Image Gallery: AutoBlog
Source: Autoblog
Previously: World's Biggest Motorcycle
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Nine-Year-Old's Level Head Stops 70mph Crash

Jonathan AndersonAn autistic boy of nine was hailed a “superhero” yesterday for steering his mother’s car across three lanes of traffic at 70mph (112km/h) after she fainted at the wheel.

Jonathan Anderson took over the controls of the Toyota Avensis after mother Marion, 34, slumped unconscious as they drove to school.

He screamed at her to wake up then grabbed the wheel and pulled the handbrake on – forcing the car to jerk left towards the hard shoulder.

It changed direction and swerved across three lanes of rush hour traffic and smashed into the central reservation of the A38 at Plympton, Devon.

The boy managed to steer the car back across the lanes before it weaved up a bank, smashed into a tree and stopped. He then calmly put the hazard lights on and waited for help to arrive.

Both were taken to hospital but miraculously escaped without injury.

Source: Daily Express
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Sax Notes Lead To Off-Beat Boiler

The sonic boilerInventor and saxophone player Peter Davey has come up with a device that he claims boils water in no time.

He calls it the "sonic boiler" because he claims it uses the power of sound. How the heater actually works has confounded experts.

The device looks oddly like a bent desk lamp, with a metallic ball at the end instead of a lightbulb. When plugged into the power supply, and the ball is lowered into water, it boils the liquid within seconds -- even as little as a tablespoonful.

"Everybody boils twice the amount of water they need so I decided I would find a way to boil water and make steam more economically," said Davey, a former Spitfire pilot.

"This boils exactly what you want to drink."

Davey, who lives in a tumbledown two-storey historic homestead called Locksley in Dallington, has been using the boiler to make hot drinks for 30 years.

Source: Press
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'Flying' Chair Promises Relaxing Ride

Hover ChairEver laid back and wished your aches, pains and stress would just float away? Well, you could be in luck. A new 'hover lounger' has been unveiled promising to do exactly that.

The flying chair, which uses magnets to levitate above the floor, costs a whopping £5,875 ($11,700) but its maker claims it not only looks good – it will make you feel good too.

Designer Keith Dixon, from West Sussex, said: 'The sensation you feel as you lie back and close your eyes is like floating on a cloud.'
The Lounger will be available in March.

Source: Metro
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Endangered Leatherback Turtle's Epic 12744-Mile Migration

A leatherback turtleA leatherback turtle was tracked by satellite traveling 12,774 miles (20,558 kilometers) from Indonesia to Oregon, one of the longest recorded migrations of any vertebrate animal.

Scientists at the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) tracked one female nester, who was tagged on Jamursba-Medi beach in Papua, Indonesia, on her journey back to her foraging grounds off the coast of Oregon. She was tracked for 647 days covering a distance about equal to two round trips between New York and Los Angeles.

The turtle's trip set a new record for sea turtles, and is among the longest documented migrations for any marine vertebrate.

Source: LiveScience
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Chicken In Mexico Lays Green Eggs

A chicken in a small Mexican town is making a name for herself by laying green eggs. Rabanita started laying the green-colored eggs last December, said her owner, Elvira Romero.

Romero said she has found no explanation for the strange color of Rabanita's egg and that the chicken does not get a special diet, and eats what her other chickens do: corn, tortillas and chicken feed.

Scientists said they believed the color of the eggs' shells does not affect the color or flavor of the yolk inside.

They said blue or green shell colors are frequently found in the Araucana chicken strain.

Video: Clip Syndicate
Source: Knbc
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30 January, 2008

More links for 30 Jan 2008

Doctors have made an accidental breakthrough that may unlock how memory works, during experimental brain surgery to control the appetite of an obese man. [Times Onlione]
Curly hair vs. straight: Which do men prefer? [Divine Caroline]
Man shocked to see own gravestone. [BBC]
Man struggles to return from the dead. [Reuters]
Hubdub is a new Web site where customers will bet for fun, not money, on the outcomes of real news stories. [Ap, Video: Clip Syndicate]
Using rain to generate power. [Eurek Alert via TreeHugger]
A surgical gown with zips that show where surgeons make cuts in the body for during operations could soon be helping to teach medical students. [Telegraph]


Turkey Dinner Telephone

Turkey phoneA telephone shaped like a turkey drumstick. It was created by Custom Phones.

Turkey phone
Thanks, Raluca !

Source: 7Gadgets
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Hamburg Science Centre and Aquarium

The Office for Metropolitan Architecture has revealed the final design for a Science Centre and Aquarium for the Hamburg Hafencity complex.

The Science Centre is constructed of ten modular blocks that connect to form a ring shaped building. This concept allows for maximum flexibility for exhibitions. Visitors will start their visit at the so called “base station” just under the top of the building, cross over through the exhibition halls and descend in the modular blocks through the various exhibited scientific subjects, such as “the beginning of life” or “everything flows”.

With terraces on various levels of the building the Science Centre allows panoramic views of Hamburg city centre as well as to the West and East sides of the Magdeburg harbor.

Source: Oma via Gizmodo
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Cool Skateboard Moves

Cool skateboarding moves performed by Rodney Mullen.

Video: ShredOrDie
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Unlikely Best Friends

A rabbit and an eagleA rabbit and an eagle have become unlikely best friends in China.

The owner of the eagle put the rabbit in its cage at Beizhamen Bird Market, Zhengzho City, for the bird's dinner.

But instead of following its predatory nature, the eagle made friends with the startled but fortunate rabbit.

"The rabbit very humbly combs the eagle's feathers with its mouth," the surprised owner said.

"The eagle is four-months-old, and I threw him the rabbit for food, but apparently he doesn't know how to enjoy his meals."

Source: Ananova
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Blanket Which You Can Wear

The SlanketThe Slanket is a gigantic fleece blanket with sleeves. A very soft to the touch, lightweight, but warm fleece blanket with large, loose sleeves designed so you don't feel like you're wearing the blanket, simply wrapped up in its wonder. The Slanket is designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy while you still retain the use of your hands. Simplistic and practical, its innovativeness opens up possibilities, but still can replace any normal blanket.

Source: The Slanket
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The Chair That Shakes Your Butt While You Work

The Hawaii Chair shakes your butt while you work and is supposed to make you fit. Lol! But seriously, I doubt one would be able to work at all while sitting on them.

Video: YouTube
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Helmet Woes For Cycling Postman

A Nottinghamshire postman's taking an hour and a half longer to deliver his letters than his colleagues because of his big head!

Jason Clay from Sutton-in-Ashfield can't find a bike helmet to fit him so he has to walk his round - his head is about seven inches bigger than average.

Jason's used to getting some stick but said that he doesn't mind.

"I had name-calling when I was a child such as 'big head Eddie'. In the Post Office they take the micky out of me and say I should wear a dustbin lid or a box! We went to the menswear shop and I tried several hats on and one of the people says 'If it's any consolation, you've got the biggest head that's ever been in my shop'."

Video: LiveLeak
Source: TrentFm
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29 January, 2008

More links for 29 Jan 2008

Could there be proof to the theory that we're all psychic? [DailyMail]
Fires can be extinguished with sound waves. [Scentific American, Video: Scentific American]
In the shadow of the Empire State Building lies an “automotive Bermuda Triangle” - a five-block radius where vehicles mysteriously die. [Daily News]
Fascinating mechanical animals on display. [Dark Roasted Blend]
Pet deer runs amok through restaurant. With video! [Wxii12]
A ghost town buried in the sand. [Uaddit]
Google maps gone wrong. [YouTube]

Cheeseburger in a can. [Trekking Mahlzeiten]
Strawberry flavored cheetos. [Inventor Spot]
The $20 lip gloss that could help you lose weight. [DailyMail]
Marine archaeologists will begin work in June to uncover the sand-buried hull of a 2,300-year-old ship thought to have been ferrying wine when it sank off the coast of Cyprus. [Yahoo News]


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