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Quick Paddel to Work for Commuter

A commuter who was sick to death of car fumes and road jams has gone to extreme lengths to avoid them.

Trainee architect Ricardo Assis Rosa now travels to and from work in his canoe, which he manages to chain to railings outside his office.

The 29-year-old travels at no more than two miles an hour but says the slow speed is worth the extra time to avoid all the problems of everyday commuting.

Despite travelling at a snail's pace, it takes Mr Rosa just 35 minutes to canoe two miles to work and instead of facing congested roads his only problem is navigating around swans.

Mr Rosa said: "Canoeing takes longer than going by car, but it is a lot more pleasant.

"There are swans and ducks and animals along the way, and it's a great way of getting fit and breaking the routine. It feels like you're on holiday."

The journey home also takes about 35 minutes, but with much less paddling because it is downstream.

Source: The Sun
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First of all, as a paddler, I love this idea. However, I am a little puzzled by the story.

That "Canoe" looks a lot like a kayak. hmmm... does he paddle up stream to work and down stream from work? A confussing puzzle in my mind.

Great idea! ;)

Haha that guy's lucky I wish I could do that!

Talk about resistance getting to work--actually having to beat against the current. At least getting home is easy.

I would like to have canoe. But I don't have river here near my office :)

Wow. And most people usually just walk.

(Psst. It's 'paddle'.)

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